Update 23rd of October 2019

Three distinguished guests from Korea Maritime Transportation Safety Authority (KOMSA) – led by the deputy general manager, Ms. Kwon, Soo Yeon – visited University of South-Eastern Norway’s (USN) Campus Vestfold on 23rd of October 2019. 

KOMSA, as a representative organization on behalf of the Korean government, has missions to safeguard life and property at sea through delivering high-standard ship surveys and inspections, as well as advancing the technologies and science to enhance maritime safety and the quality of the marine environment.

The chief of staff Per Eirik Lund, together with the department head in maritime operations Anne Kari Botnmark, warmly welcomed the guests on their first visit to our maritime department at USN. An eventful day was organized with interactive discussions on academic research topics, ongoing scientific projects, and future interests from both parties. The day was concluded with a visit to Virtual Reality (VR) lab, bridge and engine room simulators.

Our guests have expressed their interest for strengthening and enriching the existing research collaborations with USN. IMA’s newly appointed associate professor Hyungju Kim has bridged this communication, and will further explore the potentials to facilitate more collaborative scholarship and fruitful scientific cooperation.