Master thesis


  • The linkage between organizational learning learning and strategic renewal. A case study within the fishing industry (Supervisor: Gausdal, Anne Haugen)
  • The Art of Safety Leadership in Shipping: A Modified Delphi-AHP Approach (Supervisor: Gausdal, Anne Haugen)
  • Multiculturalism in Shipbuilding Projects (Supervisor: Gausdal, Anne Haugen)
  • How does organizational culture influence organizational learning in a shipping company? (Supervisor: Gausdal, Anne Haugen)
  • E Navigation. GNSS, Resilient PNT and the perception of seafarers (Supervisor: Imset, Marius)
  • Timeless and accuracy of information sharing within a dry-bulk ship owning company  (Supervisor: Imset, Marius) 
  • The Validity of an Extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) for assessing the Acceptability of Autonomous Ships (Supervisor: Imset, Marius)
  • The resistance and adoption of additive manufactoring (3D printing) as new technology in the Oil and gas upstream chain (Supervisor: Imset, Marius)


  • Preparedness collaboration between local and national authorities – the way to reduce the scope of acute pollution? (Supervisor: Gausdal, Anne Haugen)
  • Organizational Learning – The Way to Environmental Sustainability of Maritime Ports? (Supervisor: Gausdal, Anne Haugen)
  • Modern Piracy Evolvement and Security Measures (Supervisor: Gausdal, Anne Haugen)
  • Port Performance in Madagascar – Case of Toamasina Port (Supervisor: Bouhmala, Nourddine)
  • Seafarer`s experiences with the ship-reporting system, SafeSeaNet (Supervisor: Imset, Marius)
  • Automations impact on human-system performance in ship engine control systems (Supervisor: Imset, Marius)
  • A benchmark of usability for ship engine room control systems (Supervisor: Imset, Marius)


  • How Does a Communicated Vision and Shared Values Affect the General Level of Interpersonal Trust in a Company? (Supervisor: Gausdal, Anne Haugen)
  • Which behaviours do shipbrokers use to create interpersonal trust and relationships with clients? (Supervisor: Gausdal, Anne Haugen)
  • Definition of Functional Team Roles – the way to Efficient Shipbuilding Teams? (Supervisor: Gausdal, Anne Haugen and Iversen, Lars Christian)
  • Offshore Aquaculture: Mapping the need for maritime competence (Supervisor: Jensen, Tor Erik  and Gausdal, Anne Haugen)
  • Exploring the role of Digital Marketing – A case of Maritime Industry in Norway (Supervisor: Bouhmala, Nourddine)
  • Big data and artificial intelligence in the shipping industry – a way towards predictive maintenance for vessel machinery? (Supervisor: Bouhmala, Nourddine and Gausdal, Anne Haugen)
  • Analysis of Aasgard A FPSO Assessing the effects of the 2019 Trestakk field development on the FPSO (Supervisor: Bouhmala, Nourddine)
  • User requirements and project processes in development projects – A case study of a maritime supplier (Supervisor: Imset, Marius)
  • The innovation process model search and select phases (A comparison between literature and one company´s process) (Supervisor: Imset, Marius)
  • Digitization of shipping and related services and its contribution to the UN sustainable development goals (Supervisor: Imset, Marius)
  • Maritime Traffic Management. A Literature review of the needs and challenges in maritime traffic management (Supervisor: Imset, Marius)
  • Anchor Handling Tug Supply Is there a correlation between fuel consumption and rate levels? (Supervisor: Imset, Marius)


  • Reasons behind relatively small number of Female Merchant Officers compare to Male (Supervisor: Gausdal, Anne Haugen)
  • Safety leadership: A meta-analytic review of influence of leadership styles on safety behaviors (Supervisor: Gausdal, Anne Haugen and Kim, Tae-Eun)
  • Is the competency of Norwegian seafarers adjusting to marine innovation? (Supervisor: Gausdal, Anne Haugen)
  • AIS Visual Communication (Next step) (Supervisor: Bouhmala, Nourddine)
  • The growth and development of Tripoli port (Supervisor: Bouhmala, Nourddine)
  • Shipping cargo documents’ digitization / Commercial aspects of Bill of Lading digitization / possible benefits of cargo documents digitization / How can shipping industry benefit from digital cargo documents (Supervisor: Bouhmala, Nourddine)
  • How to safeguard both experienced and real safety in the case of urban autonomous passenger ferry (Supervisor: Imset, Marius and Gausdal, Anne Haugen)
  • Operation challenges for autonomous vessel operations (Yara Birkeland) and impacts / risks for the vessel operator from a project management view (Supervisor: Imset, Marius)
  • Digital Innovation applied in shipping companies in Norway (Supervisor: Imset, Marius)
  • Innovation Management of new technology in maritime sector (Supervisor: Imset, Marius)
  • Are Norwegian ports’ investment and infrastructure enlargement justifiable?… And justifiable for whom? / What could shipping learn from other types of transportations? / How can the Norwegian ports complement the Green coastal shipping program and improve the environmental performance? / How ports can create value and serve their community better? (Supervisor: Imset, Marius)
  • Open hatch bulk shipping joint ventures: motives, opportunities and challenges (Supervisors: Jensen, Tor Erik and Jaramillo J. Veronica)