Recent publications

Gausdal, A.H., Czachorowski, K.V., and Solesvik, M. (2018) Applying Blockchain Technology: The evidence from Norwegian Companies. Sustainability 2018, 10(6), 1985 

Kristiansen, H.T. and Gausdal A.H. (2018) Design-driven innovation in design practice. The case of designing a ship-bridge vision. FORMakademisk, 11 (5) Art 2, 1-18 

Jaramillo, V.J. (2018) Big data and artificial intelligence in the shipping industry – a way towards predictive maintenance for vessel machinery? Master thesis, USN 

Underthun, A., Svare, H. and Gausdal, A.H. (2018) Nettverksorganisasjoners betydning for kunnskapstilgang og innovasjon. Søkelys på arbeidslivet 35 (3), 203–220  

Czachorowski, K., Solesvik, M. and Kondratenko Y. (2018). The Application of Blockchain Technology in the Maritime Industry. In Kharchenko, V., Y. Kondratenko, J. Kacprzyk (Eds.) Green IT Engineering: Social, Business and Industrial Application, Vol. 3. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.  

Raheleh Kari, R., Gaspar, H.M., Gausdal, A.H. and Morshedi, M. (2018) Human Interactions Framework for Remote Ship Operations. Conference proceeding (level 1 publication) Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, Zadar, Croatia. 

Imset, M., Haavardtun, P., Knutson, S., Tannum, M. S., & Aamaas, P. (2018), Initiating a Living Lab for autonomous ferries using stakeholder analysis. In ISPIM Innovation Symposium (pp. 1-10). The International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM), June 2018. 

Kim, T.E. and Gausdal, A.H. (2017) Leading for safety. A weighted safety leadership model in shipping. Reliability Engineering & System Safety 165 (September 2017), 458-466 

Czachorowski, K.V. (2017) Blockchain Technology Applied to the Maritime Industry Possible Applications and Their Consequences in Offshore Supply Chain in Scandinavian Companies. Master thesis, USN 

Gausdal, A.H. and Makarova, J. (2017) Trust and Safety on Board. WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs 16(2), 197-217.  

Øvergård, K. I., Tannum, M. S., Haavardtun, P. & Syversen, J. K. B. (2017). Chase, no Straighter: COLREG compliant Anti-Collision Manoeuvers for Crossing Situations. Robotic Sailing, 20: 81-91, Springer, Cham. 

Elvekrok, I., Veflen, N., Nilsen, E.R. and Gausdal, A.H., (2017) What’s in it for the firm? Innovation benefits from participating in constructed regional triple-helix networks. Regional studies.  

Svare, H. and Gausdal, A.H. (2017) Dynamic Capabilities and Network Benefits. Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation 13(1), 117-146. 

Nilsen, E.R. and Gausdal, A.H. (2017) The multifaceted role of the network orchestrator – a longitudinal study. International Journal of Innovation Management, 21(6).  

Gausdal, A.H., Svare, H. and Möllering, G. (2016) Why don’t all high-trust networks achieve strong network benefits? A case-based exploration of cooperation in Norwegian SME networks. Journal of Trust Research. 6(2), 194-212

Gausdal, A. H. (2016). Trust-building in networks as practical social learning processes. In S. Jagd & L. Fuglsang (Eds.), Trust, Organizations and Social Interaction. Studying Trust as Process within and between Organizations. 125-145. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar  

Kim, T.E., Nazir, S., Øvergård, K.I. (2016) A STAMP-based causal analysis of the Korean Sewol ferry accident. Safety Science 83(March 2016), 93-101. 

Under review: 

Kim, T.E. and Gausdal, A.H. (forthcoming) Leaders’ Influence Tactics for Safety: An Exploratory Study in Maritime Context. Safety Science. Submitted in July 2018, revise & resubmit in Oct 2018 

Svare, H. Gausdal, A.H., and Möllering, G. (forthcoming) Risk and trust in innovation networks. Under review in Industry and Innovation from June 2018 

Roud, E.K.P and Gausdal, A.H. (forthcoming) Emergency Management and Trust – Experiences from the Arctic sea region. Journal of Trust Research Submitted in Dec 2017, revise & resubmit in Oct 2018 

Imset, M., Haavardtun, P., Tannum, S.T. (2018) Exploring the use of stakeholder analysis methodology in the establishment of a Living Lab. Technology Innovation Management Review 

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