Ongoing research projects

The digital transformation of the Norwegian upstream maritime oil and gas supply chain operations (Karen V. Czachorowski, Industrial PhD Project with Aker BP and the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences, Department of Maritime Operations

Big data analytics for green shipping (A.Wilhelmsen) – PhD Project Veronica Jaramillo Jimenez. Main supervisor Associate Professor Hyungju Kim. Co-supervisors: Associate professor Lokukaluge Prasad Perera, UiT and Associate professor Ziaul Haque Munim

Korea Autonomous Surface Ship (KASS) Project – PhD Project. Main supervisor Associate Professor Hyungju Kim

Hull Skater Project: Smart Condition Monitoring System (Kongsberg) – R&D Project. MASDLI’s role: On-line risk analysis for hull skater.

Pilot-T Project: Sundbåt Autonomous Ferry (Maritime Robotics) – R&D Project. MASDLI’s role: risk analysis for autonomous ferry

Battery Ferry Project (KRISO) – R&D Project. MASDLI’s role: hazard analysis for battery ferry

Design-driven innovation with a systems approach: a case study from the maritime industry of Norway – PhD project Helge Tor Kristiansen, AHO. Co-supervisor: Professor Anne H. Gausdal 

Competence development for emergency response of cross-organizational collaboration in the Arctic – PhD project Ensieh Roud, Nord University. Main supervisor: Professor Frode Nilsen, Nord university. Co-supervisor: Professor Anne H. Gausdal 

Human in the Loop for Remote Ship Operation – PhD project Raheleh Kari, NTNU Ålesund. Main supervisor: Associate Professor Henrique Caspar, NTNU, Ålesund. Co-supervisor: Professor Anne H. Gausdal