Ongoing research projects

  • Beyond Safety Management, Leadership for Safer Ship Operations – PhD project Tae-eun Kim, USN. Main supervisor: professor Gausdal. Co-supervisor professor Are Sydnes, UiT 
  • Blockchain Technology Applied to the Maritime Offshore Logistics and Operations – Oil and Gas Supply Chain and Logistics Digitalization – PhD project Karen V. Czachorowski USN/Aker BP. Main supervisor: Professor Anne H. Gausdal. Co-supervisor: Associate professor Lokukaluge Prasad Perera, UiT 
  • Design-driven innovation with a systems approach: a case study from the maritime industry of Norway – PhD project Helge Tor Kristiansen, AHO. Co-supervisor: Professor Anne H. Gausdal 
  • Competence development for emergency response of cross-organizational collaboration in the Arctic – PhD project Ensieh Roud, Nord University. Main supervisor: Professor Frode Nilsen, Nord university. Co-supervisor: Professor Anne H. Gausdal 
  • Human in the Loop for Remote Ship Operation – PhD project Raheleh Kari, NTNU Ålesund. Main supervisor: Associate Professor Henrique Caspar, NTNU, Ålesund. Co-supervisor: Professor Anne H. Gausdal 
  • Predictive maintenance within the shipping industry – PhD proposal (in process) Veronica Jaramillo J. Main supervisor: Professor Anne H. Gausdal. Planned co-supervisors: Associate professor Lokukaluge Prasad Perera, UiT and Associate professor Noureddine Bouhmala