Goal: Stimulate and create scientific outputs and research-based education in a synergistic and well coordinated way within Maritime Safety, Digitalization, Leadership & Innovation

Aims and activities: MASDLI aims to facilitate creativity, transparency, fair distribution of information, and encourage researchers and teachers working together to effectively use the data resources, by performing the following activities:  

  • Publishing and stimulating writing activities 
  • Sharing research opportunities, special issues and applications calls 
  • Developing project application for regional, national and international calls  
  • Managing and delivering research projects 
  • Integrating teaching (all three levels, bachelor, master and PhD) and research (at IMA) within its research areas 
  • Contributing to develop external IMA courses 
  • Developing and teaching PhD courses within its research areas for the joint PhD degree in Nautical Operations 
  • Suggesting topics for bachelor and master theses  
  • Networking and industrial collaboration, nationally and internationally 
  • Conducting events 
  • Organizing researcher mobility  
  • Promoting research visibility, including website (USN) 
  • Promoting nurturing and motivating culture within the group