Norway is among the largest and most innovative shipping nations in the world. Norwegian shipping and maritime organizations are strong players in international markets and thus the need for building adequate maritime competences. As such, University of South-Eastern Norway contributes by educating future maritime professionals by offering bachelor, master and phd programs; these form the basis for the vision of the Institute of Maritime Operations “to be the leading provider of higher education and research in maritime operations”.

New and emerging research areas such as maritime autonomy, big data, safety, innovation, digitalization and how leaders and organizations tackle these matters are currently at the core interest of the maritime industry. We believe these topics shall also be address by the academia, hence the creation of MASDLI research group.  

We are a group of scholars with interdisciplinary background ranging from technical to management expertise, whose research interest are directed towards these emerging research areas. Our aim is to build top-level competences and increase the collaborations with key maritime stakeholders. We believe the arrival of new technologies will challenge the status quo of various areas within the maritime industry, thus our interest to deepen our research in MASDLI topics. 

Upcoming workshops, conferences and visiting research stays 2019

  • exChain – automated Supply chain and logistics, Workshop with Aker BP & MARKOM2020, September 12th 2019, Campus Vestfold USN, Norway
  • Ergoship /Norwegian maritime days, September 2019, Haugesund, Norway
  • 29th European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL 2019), September 2019, Hannover, Germany
  • MASDLI seminar on Autonomous shipping, paper presentations and discussion, June 7 th 2019, Meetingroom D2-118 Løvøya – Campus Vestfold USN, Norway
  • 13th International Conference on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea transportation TransNav, June 2019, Poland
  • Oceans 2019, Conference, June 2019, Marseille, France
  • 25th Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions (POAC 2019), June 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands